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Stepping up to ask will always get you to yes

Natalia Armoza had a wish for her daughter with cerebral palsy.

“It would mean so much to my daughter and children like her to be able to take part in a NYC Ballet workshop, so they too could become ballerinas.”

So she she wrote an e-mail to the NYC Ballet to ask…and here is how they responded:

The result – they created 4 workshops for her daughter Pearl and 18 other kids with disabilities who got to dance at Lincoln Center. What total joy in transformation and power in dance.

Why do we find it so hard to ask for help? When we are asked we always say yes but somehow when it comes to ourselves we are reluctant. We view it as sign of weakness or showing our vulnerability. It’s time to change our perspective because the truth is, people are honored to be asked. Think about it as a way of allowing others to show their kindness to you. It brings them joy and ultimately you both benefit.

You have everything to gain by asking for help. Look what Pearl gained because her Mom simply wrote an e-mail. Stepping up to ask will always get you to yes.

Just ask.

…or ask me. Hiring a coach is the best investment you can make in yourself.

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