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Kind words from clients

Gail Mulani

Assistant Director of Food Services – Belmont Public Schools

Deb is an amazing human being and I could not have imagined finding someone of her caliber to help me with my job search. Think about meeting with a life coach for an hour who actively listens and recaps all of your thoughts in an email. Does this ever happen in our busy lives? As a result of Deb’s support, kind guidance and genuine and upbeat nature, I was able to take a good hard look at myself. Self exploration resulted in me finding exactly what I was really looking for and then realizing what I needed to do. Deb loves her job, is amazingly competent and you will end up receiving so much more than you could have imagined.

. . . . .

Erin Leosz

Digital Project Manager – Medtouch

Three months ago, I knew that I wanted to make a career transition but didn’t know how to achieve that goal. I felt overwhelmed and was spinning my wheels. Enter Deb Goldstein.

After just 1 hour of meeting with Deb, she was serving up gobs of value! Later she sent detailed notes with homework assignments we’d discussed to help me inch closer to my goal. Our sessions continued in this pattern for the next 2 months and I followed Deb’s guidance after each time we met.

What happened next surprised me. I received a better opportunity than the type I was originally targeting, a job that was more aligned with my long term goals. Had I even received an intermediate job offer that quickly, I would have been thrilled, but the offer I got exceeded my expectations.

I wouldn’t have received such a gift without learning and following Deb’s skilled guidance. I will never approach a future job search the same way again.

Deb is a gifted investigator, career therapist, cheerleader, and muse in a single package. She will shepherd you through her organized, thoughtful process, always going at your pace. Deb digs deep with her questions and helps you discover what you want from your career and how to craft your personal brand. She does all of this without telling you what she thinks you want, empowering you to own the process and try new things. Deb will open your mind to a better way of job searching and career building. I will gladly hire Deb again if I need career advice in the future.

. . . . .

Chicca D’Agostino

CEO – Focus USA

Deb Goldstein is like no other coach. For one thing, she makes you feel smarter than you think you are! Most coaches that I’ve known, let you discuss your challenges or problems and then they proceed to tell you what they think you should do to resolve them. Deb doesn’t tell you what to do. Instead she really listens to what you’re describing and then asks you relevant and pointed questions, questions that make you think. At the same time, she is guiding you through a process that ultimately leads YOU to decide the course of action that is best for you. When YOU make the decision, you are much more committed to the solution. I know this from personal experience.

. . . . .

Puzant Chouljian

IT Specialist

It’s my first experience on thumbtack[coach referral website], my first time working with a life coach and I hit a goldmine!

I’ve had several appointments with Deb and I must say I am pleased to have made this connection. As a quick background to understand how and why I’m rating my review. I came to look for a life coach to open my horizons, and to push forward towards some of my major goals in life, one of which being my occupation. I must say at this point I feel comfortable to say that it was the perfect match for me to have Deb as my life coach.

Over the course of two months I been involved in business conventions, built new contacts, reached out to old friends, have worked on my image and of course my future aspirations. I look forward to the possibilities that await me and it’s thanks to my hard work, focus and of course what Deb has brought to the table.

Deb is one that brings positive energy, excitement, structure, fun and professionalism. She also has special traits, one of which is that she creates appointment recaps and puts it into writing for you to read, visualize and come back to any time you want!

Overall, it’s your choice what you are looking for, but my recommendation is to at least give her a try. I myself am looking forward to our future meets and possibilities.

Signing out.

. . . . .

Christopher Collins

Development Associate – 826 Boston

Deb is an exceptional career coach (and exceptional human being). When I was out of work and professionally disoriented, Deb came to the rescue. By engaging me in thoughtful discussion of my core values, skills and experience, she guided me to reformulate my personal narrative and helped me articulate my professional goals. In supporting me in the development and implementation of customized job-search strategies, I found the confidence and determination to find the job I truly wanted. She was the mirror I needed to discover who I wanted to become. I could not recommend her more highly.

. . . . .

Cindy Davis

Strategic Brand Building, Content Marketing, Custom Content, Native Advertising, and Demand Generation

I don’t need a career or life coach – I know my direction.” When my 2.5 year, full-time contract ended with Tech Decisions, a coworker suggested that I might find it helpful to see a friend of hers whom recently started a “business and life coaching” consultancy (yielding an eye roll from me). As a bit of a favor, I contacted Deb. I have always been laser-focused with my career. I am often the go-to caregiver, and document-person in my family. I pride myself in being able to keep it all together while exceeding goals and expectations.

I was blindsided when my first meeting with Deb was a complete catharsis. She helped me slow down, refine my pitch, and build on my strengths as they apply to some of the new skillsets I had acquired and would now be offering as I set out with my own business again. Over the couple of months that we worked together, Deb was very detailed with our agreed upon goals from each meeting and followed up often to help me stay on track, and provided subtle but effective encouragement (remember – I didn’t need a coach). An unexpected bonus was that Deb also happens to be very connected and opened a few key doors for me by making introductions.

If you are skeptical about engaging with a “coach,” Deb will amaze you and you’ll wish you had met her ten years earlier. I have a feeling she is a unique coach. I know that I will be engaging with Deb.

.   .   .   .   .

Thomas Grimshaw

Sales Director, Special Features & MANSION – The Wall Street Journal

In the 4 months that I have been working with Coach Deb, I’ve accomplished more than I ever have. Coach Deb has helped me define and build an infrastructure and plan that will guarantee the success of my business. Hiring Coach Deb is akin to purchasing an insurance plan for your business success.

.   .   .   .   .

George Hart

Library Director – University of Massachusetts, Lowell

It is good to find someone who will listen to your story and then help you write the rest of it.” (T.B. LaBerge) This summarizes the incredible contribution and value that Deb brings to the coaching process. She guides a process of identifying and focusing on the highest priorities. Even when taking on a new role, at a new level of responsibility, in a new environment, with Deb’s coaching I have a sense of control and direction. Most job changes have a life-course, developmental aspect; something we often ignore because of the daily crises. With Deb’s coaching input I am able to step back and see my current role in a developmental light, with purpose and direction, as a chapter in a story that Deb is helping me write.

.   .   .   .   .

Deborah Mayerson

Major Gifts Officer – Simmons College

Deb is equal parts coach, philosopher and cheerleader. She puts you at ease and draws out your best thinking. Having had a long and successful career as an executive, Deb is sophisticated and politic. I use her when shaping strategies that require broad buy-in and organizational support from my staff, colleagues and supervisor. She helps me with basic organization, effective communication, preparation and clear presentation. Deb is a great human being, and she listens. You’ll accomplish a lot in each session and you’ll get a written summary afterwards that builds your story and shows your progress. She won’t let you off the hook and keeps you accountable to your goals. I highly recommend Deb as an executive or management coach, or for anyone wanting to improve upon professional skills.

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