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Deb Goldstein - Business Coach & ConsultantTell me your story…

You are writing your story every day. Picture having someone focus their time and listening power to bring your life, career or business to the next level. There is nothing like saying it out loud to get the real meaning of your intentions. My job as a coach is to ask the right questions about what matters in your life and then help you map out the steps to accomplish the goals you define.

This is the essence of Coaching. It will bring out your ability to achieve your goal by your own fruition – one step at a time.
It makes no difference what time you are in your life.
The destination ahead is your best self.


“With Deb’s coaching input I am able to step back and see my current role in a developmental light, with purpose and direction, as a chapter in a story that Deb is helping me write.”

– George Hart, Library Director – UMASS Lowell


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